film director, screenwriter and producer.

Victoria scriptdoctors the next forms:

  • full length films (author's and commercial)
  • аnimation
  • short films
  • series
  • Her working languages are :

  • Ukrainian
  • Russian
  • English
  • Victoria's feature film "Brothers. The Last Confession" became the first Ukrainian film since Ukraine's independence that was selected for three Class "A" film festivals and have received two awards at one of them, not counting other festivals.

    Victoria Trofimenko teaches directing at the Kyiv National University of Theater, Film and Television. Karpenko-Kary, in UFS (Film UA).

    Founded in 2018 the educational professional laboratory Film Ave.

    Currently she has three full-length film projects at the stage of development and fundraising.

    Her feature film "Brothers. The final Confession" won two awards, the St. Gregory Award for Best Actress and the Russian Film Critics Award at Moscow International Film Festival, Best Screenplay Prize (Kinoshok International Film Festival), debut play (Romanian International Film Festival), Jury Prize (Baghdad International Film Festival) ...

    As a screenwriter, she wrote the following scripts: "Downshifting", "Jacob", "Brothers. The final Confession", "Sex in the Soviet Union" - dir. Chad Gracia (USA) Her project DOWNSHIFTING (development period) became the first Ukrainian project to be selected for the "EKRAN +" program (Warsaw). Also, the project on the Holodomor "YAKIV" (development period) was the first and so far the only project from Ukraine that was selected for the program "eQuinoxe Europe" vol.21 (Germany).

    As a guest tutor-expert, Victoria conducts various workshops and master classes in commercial and public educational institutions (Kyiv Institute of International Relations at Taras Shevchenko University, Molodist Film Festival, ISEC)

    Victoria participates as a jury at international film festivals.

    Member of the main competition of the international jury Molodist 2020

    Member of the Fulbright (2019; 2021) American House Fellowship Selection Committee .

    Member of the jury of the XXIV International Festival of Animated Films "KROK-2017: In the native harbour".

    Expert of Ukrainian Cultural Fund

    Victoria took a course in Robert McKee's "History in a Million" and a course in working as a script doctor with Claire Dobin.

    The scripts where Victoria Trofimenko was involved as script doctor:

    Feature full length "The embordient" scriptdoctor Oksana Kovtun, producer Olga Beshmelnitsina. The stage: development

    Feature full length "The bet and the Star" scriptwriter/director and producer Filipp Illenko. Stage: development.

    Feature full legth "Put my head on a place" scriptwriters Ihor Bilyts and Ernes Sarykhalil, director Ernes Sarykhalil, producers: Vyacheslav Harmash and Mykola Korotkyi. Stage: development

    "I went through a five-hour session with a script doctor. It was my first time such detailed working over the script. It was painful at times, but it was effective. We worked on each hero, where their relationship sags do not give the desired outcome in the event. There were good insights into the image of one of the characters. And this image very well fell into the stylistics of my vision. For me it was deep, more than about the script. "

    Ernes Sarykhalil, director/scriptwriter

    Who is a script doctor and why does screenwriter needs script consultancy? Until recently, I could only guess in theory, but now, working on my own film project, I've seen how important interaction with a script doctor is during the work on a script. This is the "side view" that can sometimes open the author even more than he/she himself puts into his words and make them look at certain aspects differently. This is the expert opinion of a person who does not criticize the way you write, but rather the opposite - helps to analyze the intended and written by the author from a different angle. This is especially interesting considering that the future viewer of the film will also look at it through the prism of his/her own worldview. The author has the right to his own interpretation of the cinematic language, but the viewer has the right to his own understanding. Here the task of the scriptodoctor is to "guide" the screenwriter in a friendly way, to suggest the strengths of his manuscript, and where to explore something else, analyze more broadly, reveal more deeply the characteristics and motives of the characters, improve the structure or take into account, for example, a certain cultural and political context. In my case, it is a biographical drama that reveals the psychology of the hero against the background of different eras over half a century. The topic is very interesting and complex at the same time. Having the first draft of the treatment, I went through an intensive workshop with the script doctor of Alba Film Victoria Trofimenko. Afterwards, it felt as if I had been to a psychotherapist's appo intment, where it was not me who was the patient, but all the existing and imagined characters in the upcoming film. Together, as if under a microscope, we analyzed the historical events and arches of the characters, in particular the features of their inner psyche. A cool experience that inspired me to new ideas and thoughts. Probably, the script doctor in some sense is really a "doctor" for the author's manuscript, whose task is to study the symptoms and examine the patient (read the work in detail), conduct a quality consultation and prescribe the most optimal treatment, even preventive (give the author valuable advice on how to do his work is even better). This is a kind of intellectual therapy, where mutual exchange of ideas can give unexpectedly positive results and inspire the creation of something truly exceptional.

    Olga Kovtun Author of the idea and screenwriter of the feature film project "Wilhelm Habsburg".

    Working with script doctor Victoria Trofimenko was extremely effective and useful. Victoria thoroughly studied the script and analyzed it, not ignoring the smallest details. Personal communication with the script doctor, as well as a written analysis of the script, gave me the opportunity to get a critical, but at the same time friendly and correct view of the results of my work, which is extremely important for continuing development of the film project, its improvement and preparation.

    Philip Ilyenko, screenwriter, director and producer of the project "The Bat and the Star"

    Victoria was very helpful in the development of our third draft. She took the time to thoroughly read through the material and understand the nuances of the story, while also keeping an objective perspective on story structure. Her deep knowledge of story structure was evident in her analysis. Our virtual session was well organized by her and we went through all of the major beats of the story and she addressed key areas that would need to be improved on. She was also very mindful to make sure not to insert her own ideas or influence the story without our permission to do so. That being said, she had some very clear ideas that she offered and that helped us think more critically about certain characters and situations in a way that we haven’t before. We’re very much looking forward to working with her again.

    Gambade films (Canada)

    Fee structure

    The price for script doctoring builds from: preparation of the scriptdoctor (processing work of the script doctor with your script). And the scriptdoctor’s consultation (direct work with the screenwriter). The table below shows the cost of preparation and consultation session, to make the final cost you need to summarize them.

    the definition of the fee cost
    Preparation (script doctor reads the script and analyzes). Preparation lasts within 1 week.
    1. Feature full-length screenplay/ animation (modern time) 600 USD
    2. Feature full-length screenplay production film / animation (historical or sci-fi, which requires familiarization with sources other than the script) from 800 USD (the price depends on the quantity of sources)
    3. Treatment of the feature full-length film / animation (modern time) 300 USD
    4. Treatment of the feature full-length film / animation (historical or sci-fi, which requires acquaintance with sources other than the script) from 450 USD (the price depends on the quantity of sources)
    5. Script of the feature short film / animation (modern time) 200 USD
    6. Script of the feature short film/ animation (historical or sci-fi, which requires acquaintance with sources other than the script) from 350 USD (the price depends on the quantity of sources)
    7. Treatment of a documentary film 300 USD
    8. The series, the fee of preparation of the script doctor analyzing of the series, will depend on the number of the episodes and the length of the series to find out the price please write the details on email:
    Script doctoring consultation session (direct work of the script doctor with the author online or offline)
    1. The first script doctoring session, the script of the feature full length / animation (duration: 3-5 hours) 750 USD
    1.1. * Each subsequent session is charging hourly, hourly rate 150 USD/per hour
    2. The first script doctoring session of the treatment for the feature full length/animation (duration: 2-3 hours). 475 USD
    2.1. * Each subsequent session is charging hourly, hourly rate 150 USD/per hour
    3. The first script-doctoring session, feature short script 300 USD
    3.1. * Each subsequent session is charging hourly, hourly rate 150 USD
    4. The first script-doctoring session, treatment of the documentary full length 500 USD
    4.1. * Each subsequent session is charging hourly, hourly rate 150 USD/per hour
    5. The fee and duration of the first consultation session for the series will depend on the number of episodes and the length of your series to find out the price please write the details on email:
    * The interval between sessions should be no more than two weeks. Each subsequent draft with an interval of more than two weeks between sessions requires new preparation, which is charged according to the preparation rates listed above in this table.
    To calculate the final fee, you need to calculate the price of the preparation by the script doctor and the number of script doctoring sessions you expect to receive. For the final approval of your calculation, please, contact the company's representative at
    After conducting the script doctoring session, the very next day, the script doctor provides a text report (at least 2 A4 pages).
    The script doctoring is providing only with 100% prepayment. And it is closed by the act of the performed works signed by two parties.