script-editor, lecturer, producer

Claire Dobbin was recognised in April with Film Victoria's 2019 Jill Robb Award for outstanding leadership, achievement and service to the screen industry.

Claire scriptdoctors the following formats:

  • full length films (author's and commercial)
  • аnimation
  • series
  • treatments
  • Her working language is :

  • English
  • Ex-Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) Chair (2000- 2019) Claire Dobbin is a script editor who works with screenwriters and screen agencies. Claire works globally, most recently with screenwriters in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, India, the Middle East, UK, Germany, Italy, Finland and Norway.

    Until December 2019 Claire was Deputy President and a long term script mentor of the international script lab eQuinoxe Europe .

    For 14 years Claire served as the director of the Melbourne Office of the Australian National Screen Agency and was also the Senior Development Executive – supporting the development and production of key Australian films and filmmakers.

    She has lectured at Melbourne University's Victorian College of the Arts (VCA), RMIT University, the film festivals of Abu Dhabi, Bangalore, Kerala and Mumbai, and London's Royal Holloway College. the Royal Jordanian Film Commission, the Rawi Sundance Film Lab, and the Asia Society Film Fellowship program of India , among others. She has served on the juries of India's Bengaluru Film Festival, Spain's Valladolid International Film Festival and Iran's Fajr Film Festival, , and also on the Melbourne Writers Festival Board and the City of Melbourne's Cultural Advisory Board.

    Some of Dobbin's script editing credits include New Zealand film The Dark Horse (selected for the Toronto and Rotterdam International Film Festivals), Finland's Stupid Young Heart (Toronto and Berlin), New Zealand's Show of Hands, (Montreal), New Zealand Mt Zion, Australia's Hounds of Love(Venice, Busan, SxSW, Karlovy Vary, Tribeca) and the forthcoming The Justice of Bunny King . Her numerous script consultations include Australia's Rabbit Proof Fence, Mallboy, In My Father's Den, Holding the Man, and Candy.

    Fee structure

    The price for script doctoring builds from: preparation of the scriptdoctor (processing work of the script doctor with your script). And the scriptdoctor’s consultation (direct work with the screenwriter). The table below shows the cost of preparation and consultation session, to make the final cost you need to summarize them.

    the definition of the fee cost
    Preparation (script doctor reads the script and analyzes). Preparation lasts within 1 week.
    1. Feature full-length screenplay/ animation (modern time) 700 Euro
    2. Feature full-length screenplay production film / animation (historical or sci-fi, which requires familiarization with sources other than the script) 1000 Euro
    3. Treatment of the feature full-length film / animation (no more then 10 pages, modern time) 400 Euro
    4. Treatment of the feature full-length film / animation, no more then 10 pages (historical or sci-fi, which requires acquaintance with sources other than the script) 550 Euro
    5. The series, the fee of preparation of the script doctor analyzing of the series, will depend on the number of the episodes and the length of the series to find out the price please write the details on email:
    Script doctoring consultation session (direct work of the script doctor with the author online or offline)
    1. The script doctoring session, the script of the feature full length / animation (duration: 1 - 2 hours) a Skype of between one and two hours with the writer discussing how the writer can move towards a stronger draft, two pages of notes for the writer/ producer about the further development of the work. 800 Euro
    1.1. Script-doctoring session, the script of a feature full length/animation (duration 3-4 hours) For writers who want deeper workshop on their project. The works would included an extended Skype discussion and suggested next steps including exercises, plans, beat sheets towards the next draft. 1100 Euro
    1.2. * Each subsequent session is charging hourly, hourly rate 150 Euro/per hour
    2. The first script doctoring session of the treatment for the feature full length/animation (duration 1,5 hours). A skype discussion with the writer discussion further story design ahead of the writer moving to the first draft. 500 Euro
    2.1. * Each subsequent session is charging hourly, hourly rate 150 Euro/per hour
    3. The working with author from one draft up to another draft (however it takes) 5825 Euro
    4. The fee and duration of the first consultation session for the series will depend on the number of episodes and the length of your series to find out the price please write the details on email:
    To calculate the final fee, you need to calculate the price of the preparation by the script doctor and the number of script doctoring sessions you expect to receive. For the final approval of your calculation, please, contact the company's representative at
    * The interval between sessions should be no more than two weeks. Each subsequent draft with an interval of more than two weeks between sessions requires new preparation, which is charged according to the preparation rates listed above in this table.
    The script doctoring is providing only with 100% prepayment. And it is closed by the act of the performed works signed by two parties.