A mini-series about the miner's son, who glorified the USSR on the world boxing arena in the 80s, becoming the rich champion of the retinue. It reflects the largest number of dollars for winning in sparring and will give large sums to the victims in the spontaneous villages of South America, instead of what, as usual, was heard in the pennies of the State Committee for Sports of the SRSR, delighting from that 200 soums. How will such a swaville for pride to the Union and the main contender for the representation of the country in the Olympic Games end?



The full length feature film "YAKIV" at the stage of development period. Film is based on real story Real life of YAKIV DROBOT who has saved 2800 people during artificial starvaition (Holodomor) film director, scriptwriter, co-producer: Victoria Trofimenko producer: Maxim Asadchy (Pronto Film) composer: Svaytoslav Lunyov

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The full length feature film "THE ROAD" at the stage of development period. The project of three female directors. Directors/Scriptwriters: Victoria Trofimenko (Ukraine) Dar Gai (India) Delphine Noels (Belgium) Producer: Victoria Trofimenko (Ukraine) co-producer Dheer Momaya (India)

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The full length feature film "DOWNSHIFTING" at the stage of development period. Director: Victoria Trofimenko Scriptwriter: Victoria Trofimenko Roman Horbyk Producer: Victoria Trofimenko

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The Girl During the flight at hang glider recalls her childhood, her dream to run the kite and her fails. but one day she finds the solution.

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