The project of feature full length film project "YAKIV".


The lives of thousands may depend on the inner struggle of one man. What will prevail in the mind of convinced communist Yakiv - ideology or humanity?

Director/Scriptwriter - Victoria Trofimenko

Producer - Victoria Trofimenko, Maxim Asadchy

Composer - Svyatoslav Lunyov

Status of the project - DEVELOPMENT

"Yakiv" was the very first Ukrainian project that was selected to "eQuinixe Europe" script development program.

"Yakiv" was participant of the script lab "Film Ave" in 2018

The pitchng history:

  • OIFF (Ukaraine) 2017
  • TIFF Ro (Romania) 2020
  • The link to the page of the film in fb:

    Period of the forced famine in Ukraine 1930-1933. The script is based on the real story of Yakiv Drobot, a real historical character. He was the first head of the collective farm "The Pauper" and he did not allow a famine happen in his village of Velykyi Khutir, having saved 2800 people. Dedicated communist who refuses party ideology and have saved people from starvation.

    Victoria Trofimenko recently works over stageplay "Yakiv" and it supposed to be published in Ukraine in 2024. The University of Alberta (Canada) and University of Texas at Austin (USA) support translation of the play in English. To give it possibility to be staged in English.

    The press about the project "Yakiv":
  • The Ukrainian 'Schindler' Saved Thousands During Holodomor
  • "Яків" один з найочікуваніших проектів за версією Радіо "Свобода"
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  • Чому тизер фільму "Яків" про Голодомор спричинив неочікуваний резонанс: думка режисера
  • Режиссер показала тизер фильма о Голодоморе, который не поддержало Госкино
  • Настоящий герой того времени: сеть взрывает тизер к фильму "Яков" о Голодоморе
  • "У нас більш нема шо їсти": тизер до українського фільму "Яків" про Голодомор 1932-33 років.
  • Врятував в Голодомор тисячі людей: мережу підриває тизер до фільму "Яків" про відомого українця