Exclusively for game industry based on the analising of games, working with the companies by the system B2B

Call of Duty, Last of us, Metro.

Games contain film, not only by virtue of the fact that they constantly display animation, but for several years now, computer and console games have commonly contained full-blown cinematic sequences during which little or no gameplay is possible. The practice of announcing and promoting unreleased games still in development by way of cinematic trailers is now commonplace within the game industry. The workshop helps to gain the directing tools for those who create games and helps acting scenese to rise to new cinematic level.

To make quality difference in action sequenses within the games there is need to use experience of filmmaking especially role of director who is using to be the cornerstone figure of creating, prdocution and deliver the idea.


4 sessions per month, one session last 4 hours

THE DATES negotiated with companies, working by the system B2B
Week 1
Topic: The director's tasks and director's idea.

  • The range of tasks of a film director on the example of film production.
  • Formation of the director's idea and its embodiment. The director's task during the development and pre-production period
  • Creating a character. Work with a costume designer and make-up artist.
  • Analysis of characters in the games Call of Duty, Last of us, Metro
  • Discussion of the organization of the process in the gaming industry, in relation to the discussed elements that can be borrowed.
  • Week 2
    Topic: The director's work with the cameraman. Storyboard.

  • Framing
  • Shooting angle
  • Color
  • method of shooting
  • Discussion of the application of these elements on the example of games Call of Duty, Last of us, Metro.
  • Week 3
    Topic: Working with an actor
  • Creating of the character
  • Casting
  • The director's work with actors comparision of Call of Duty, Last of us, Metro.
  • Analysis of work with actors in games on the example of games with cinematic scenes, what can be fixed and how.
  • Week 4
    Subject: Production and post productin period. Sound. Collaboration with sound director and composer
  • Voice over, Toning, Sound.
  • Character`s theme.
  • Discussion of the application of these elements on the example of games Call of Duty, Last of us, Metro.

    Ukrainian film director, screenwriter and producer.

    Her feature film "Brothers. The Last Confession" became the first Ukrainian film since Ukraine's independence to be selected for three Class A film festivals and to receive two awards at one of them, not counting smaller festivals.

    Victoria Trofimenko teaches directing at the Kyiv National University of Theater, Film and Television. Karpenko-Kary, in UFS (Film UA).

    Founded in 2018 the educational professional laboratory Film Ave.

    She has three full-length film projects at the stage of development and fundraising.

    Her feature film "Brothers. The Last Confession" won two awards, the St. Gregory Award for Best Actress and the Russian Film Critics Award at Moscow International Film Festival, Best Screenplay Prize (Kinoshok International Film Festival), debut play (Romanian International Film Festival), Jury Prize (Baghdad International Film Festival) ...

    As a screenwriter, she wrote the following scripts: "Downshifting", "Jacob", "Brothers. The Last Confession", "Sex in the Soviet Union" - dir. Chad Gracia (USA) Her project DOWNSHIFTING (development period) became the first Ukrainian project to be selected for the "EKRAN +" program (Warsaw). Also, the project on the Holodomor "YAKIV" (development period) was the first and so far the only project from Ukraine that was selected for the program "eQuinoxe Europe" vol.21 (Germany).

    As a guest tutor-expert, Victoria conducts various workshops and master classes in commercial and public educational institutions (Kyiv Institute of International Relations at Taras Shevchenko University, Molodist Film Festival, ISEC) and participates as a jury at international film festivals.

    Member of the main competition of the international jury Molodist 2020

    Member of the Fulbright (2019) American House Fellowship Selection Committee.

    Member of the jury of the XXIV International Festival of Animated Films "KROK-2017: In the native harbor".



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