The project of feature full length film project "Downshifting"

Logline: Lucifer decides to return to the ‘light’ and become God’s favourite angel again as he was at the beginning of creation. To prove his intentions to God, Lucifer takes human form, that of an acclaimed and rich artist who travels to India for charity. It is in India he meets a very special human who seduces him.

Director: Victoria Trofimenko

Scriptwriter: Victoria Trofimenko Roman Horbyk

Producer: Victoria Trofimenko

The project is at its development period. The script is already ready. Looking for co-production

The project "Downshifting" is the very first Ukrainian movie project that was selected for the program "EKRAN+" to Wajda Studio and School (Warsaw, Poland). During the course there were possibilities to test the style of the future movie, shooting two scenes with Polish film crew and actors. And to receive feedback of script advisers.