The workshop with famouse script doctor CLAIRE DOBBIN

Claire Dobbin - Australian script-doctor, was recognised in April with Film Victoria's 2019 Jill Robb Award for outstanding leadership, achievement and service to the screen industry.

Ex-Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) Chair (2000- 2019) Claire Dobbin is a script editor who works with screenwriters and screen agencies.

Claire works globally, most recently with screenwriters in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, India, the Middle East, UK, Germany, Italy, Finland and Norway. Until December 2019 Claire was Deputy President and a long term script mentor of the international script lab eQuinoxe Europe.

For 14 years Claire served as the director of the Melbourne Office of the Australian National Screen Agency and was also the Senior Development Executive – supporting the development and production of key Australian films and filmmakers.

She has lectured at Melbourne University's Victorian College of the Arts (VCA), RMIT University, the film festivals of Abu Dhabi, Bangalore, Kerala and Mumbai, and London's Royal Holloway College. the Royal Jordanian Film Commission, the Rawi Sundance Film Lab, and the Asia Society Film Fellowship program of India, among others. She has served on the juries of India's Bengaluru Film Festival, Spain's Valladolid International Film Festival and Iran's Fajr Film Festival, , and also on the Melbourne Writers Festival Board and the City of Melbourne's Cultural Advisory Board.

Some of Dobbin's script editing credits include New Zealand film The Dark Horse (selected for the Toronto and Rotterdam International Film Festivals), Finland's Stupid Young Heart (Toronto and Berlin), New Zealand's Show of Hands, (Montreal), New Zealand Mt Zion, Australia's Hounds of Love(Venice, Busan, SxSW, Karlovy Vary, Tribeca) and the forthcoming The Justice of Bunny King. Her numerous script consultations include Australia's Rabbit Proof Fence, Mallboy, In My Father's Den, Holding the Man, and Candy.

WHY script-doctoring WORKSHOP

In these unprecedented times we look to screen writers for the stories that we instinctively understand will help us make sense of our lives. Our hunger for imaginative, inspiring, compelling stories has never been more urgent. But a great screenplay needs to be much more than a brilliant idea. Producers, investors, actors and sales agents are looking for screenplays that are not only imaginative and original, but are well developed with a strong structure, convincing characters and a complex plot. What this means for the writer is rewriting - and rewriting – a process which will be greatly enhanced when guided by an experienced and sympathetic script doctor/ editor and producer.

This Film Ave workshop aims to address this need.

This workshop is designed for:

  • potential script doctors/ script editors who want to develop the skills to work with screenwriters
  • screenwriters with strong stories who want to take their scripts to the next level
  • producers seeking to enhance their script skills.

    (for those who don't speak English there is synchronised translation to Ukrainian)

    Structure of the Workshop

    This inaugural Film Ave Script Lab is conducted on line over 4 weeks. There are three hour session per week and writing/ viewing/ collaborating work to be undertaken between sessions.

    At the end of this course there is set up an email group where the participants in the workshop can continue to work together to discuss ideas, develop their screenplays and generally support each other as Film Ave Script Lab Alumni. The course limited to 12 participants. Two of the participants will be selected on the basis of scripts they are prepared to submit to the lab for the group to work on. The other ten participants will be made up of screenwriters/ potential script editors/ directors, and producers.

    Although the participants may not all be planning to become script doctors, all are expected to participate in discussions / homework about script doctoring – always focusing on how scripts can be made stronger. We are taking this approach because all of us in the film industry, regardless of our roles, need to always improve our understanding of screenplays and how they could be stronger.

    In addition to written ‘homework’ after each session, participants are expected to look at films between sessions as we will use these films as the basis of discussions about screenwriting.

    The course is structured as outlined below.

    The exclusive online program created per no more than 12 people in a group.

    Preparation for Week 1: All participants to have watched the designated film in preparation for this session).

    Week 1 (Day 1) 8 st of August

    The subject: How Screen Stories Work

  • What are the key elements of screen stories and how they differ from prose stories.
  • Discuss key screen elements and how they can be harnessed to drive your story.
  • Discuss the film that has been set in relation to these elements
  • Discuss the role of script doctor/ editor.
  • Preparation for Week 2

    View set film.

    Read script 1 and prepare notes for the writer.

    Week 2 (Day 2) 15 of August

    The subject: Understanding the key dramatic elements of different screenplays.

  • The film that all have watched in terms of key dramatic elements
  • Discuss Script 1 – how to approach script editing
  • Preparation for Week 3

    Read Screenplay 2

    Writing an outline

    Week 3 (Day 3) 22 of August

    The subject: Dramatic conflict and Jeopardy.

  • Discuss these screen principles in relation to the film all have watched
  • Discuss these screen principles in relation to Screenplay 2
  • Preparation for week 4:

    Watch film and prepare script report in relation to screen elements discussed so far.

    Prepare a log line for an imagined feature film

    Week 4 (Day 4) 29 of August

    The subject: Becoming the script doctor

    Log lines pitched to the group with various particpants taking on the role of the script doctor as discussed in previous sessions.

    Wrap up discussion – follow up